Troubleshooting HORSE and CART

Troubleshooting HORSE

ProblemDetailPossible ReasonSolution
Nothing foundHORSE didn't find any cases . . .HORSE is not fully set upEnsure that HORSE is set up fully and that your facility is correct in the CMS Cert Number
Nothing foundHORSE didn't find any cases . . .Dates searched are not correctEnsure that the dates searched by HORSE match the dates in your billing report file
Nothing foundHORSE didn't find any cases . . .No cases in the encounter fileIt is possible that you don't have any cases when running SEP or VTE on inpatient. If you think this is not possible, contact the HORSE vendor for assistance.
HORSE error - "Unhandled Exception"Index outside the bounds of the arrayThe file format of the report is not correct in the setupCheck that the setup for file format matches the report layout
HORSE error - "Unhandled Exception"HORSE error - "Unhandled Exception"Not pointing to the correct fileEnsure that the "Encounter File" is correct in HORSE
HORSE errorYou can not sample for the entire quarter unless you select the entire quarterDate range - earliest to latest discharge dates must span either a quarter or a month and "Sample Timing" of HORSE has to match this selectionCheck that time range and "Sample timing" match
HORSE errorTo sample by month, you must select only one month of dischargesSingle full month is not selected in discharge date rangeEnsure that a full single month is selected in the date range
HORSE errorLatest discharge date has to be the end of the monthLatest discharge date must be end of monthChange the latest date to the end of the month
HORSE errorEarliest discharge date must be the beginning of the monthEarliest discharge date not start of monthChange the earliest discharge date to the beginning (1st) of the month
HORSE errorEarliest and latest discharge dates must be in the same monthOnly quarters Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec are valid quartersEnsure quarters indicated by earliest and latest discharge dates stay in same quarter
HORSE error - "Unhandled exception"The process cannot access the file . . . because it is being used by another process.The file is opened in another programClose the other program where the file is opened. This may be CART.
HORSE error - "Unhandled exception"The process cannot access the file . . . because it is being used by another process.File is being held in HORSE after an unsuccessful attempt to find casesClose out of HORSE and re-start before trying again

Troubleshooting CART

ProblemShow Log DetailPossible ReasonSolution
Import Statistics - failureThe Provider's preferences have not been selected for the provided discharge dateCART was not set up for your facility data for this time period.In CART, go to Administration --> Provider and set the Provider Preferences for the Time Period you are importing (bottom right of Provider Information Screen). Click on save when finished.
Import Statistics - failurejava.text.ParseException: Unparseable date:Date format was changed because of opening HORSE file before importing into CART. Re-run HORSE and don't open the output file before attempting import into CART.
Import Statistics - failureInvalid CSV file formatMay be an empty fileIf HORSE did not find any cases, there is nothing to import.
Import Statistics - failureInvalid CSV file formatPossibly not a HORSE output fileOnly OPPS.csv, UB-92.csv. VTE.csv, ED.csv and IMM.csv are valid import files. Other files are log files, interim files or tracking files not for import.